Wednesday, January 04, 2012

It's a New Year and New Health Plan: Is It $15 or $30 Co-Pay?!

My husband's new health insurance plan kicked in on January 1st so I decided to schedule a doctor's appointment for him today.

I went with him since we were going to do some shopping afterwards. So, while he was checking in and paying his co-pay I sat down in the waiting room.

Later, the hubby sat right next to me and said, "Take a look at this"! I looked at the receipt to see that his co-pay was $30!

So, here I sit, on hold with my husband's health insurance company, listening to music, to confirm if his health insurance card co-pay $15 is incorrect!

Update: $15 co-pay should have been charged! Now I have to speak with the billing department! Ugh!

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Anonymous said...

And the answer is ...?

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