Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Comments Regarding COBRA Benefits

I'm hoping to be added to my husband's health insurance plan but have hit a roadblock. Even though I gave a separation date of December 6, 2011 Century Link continued my health benefits till December 31, 2011. Good news for me because I was able to get a few prescription refills. Bad news because my husband's employer will be getting back to me after they do some researching. It's past the 30 days after the separation date so I may have to wait till next enrollment.

In the meantime, I received the COBRA paperwork. It looks like if I want to continue my health insurance benefits it's going to cost almost $500 a month!

If I'm unable to be added to my husband's health plan I will wait till next November's enrollment.

Good news: I'm no longer taking opiates, which many general practice doctors don't want to write. I've also stopped taking one of my muscle relaxers so I will have less prescriptions to refill. I will pay the cash office visit rate to see a doctor and utilize the Nevada Drug Plan card for my medications.

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