Monday, January 09, 2012

One Word 2012 ~ Pace

I know that many of you are participating in the One Word 2012. So, it got me there a word that I would like to live by this year?

For me, the Word is Pacing. According to the free one of the meanings is to advance or develop (something) at a particular rate or tempo.

Last year, my pain level was increasing, daily stress anxiety and nightly teeth grinding. I quit taking my opiates after 11 years in August. Last month I put in my resignation and never looked back. The decision was so right for me. And guess what?! The next day I noticed less anxiety. I even noticed my mouth was aching due to the teeth grinding in a couple of weeks.

All those years my body was screaming for me to slow down, stop fighting so hard with my chronic pain and take a breathe.

As my son loves to say too many people rush through their lives...they need to slow down and smell the roses!

I love how good the roses smell!

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