Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Paula Deen Announces She Has Type 2 Diabetes

Our son nickname for Paula Deen is the Butter Lady. After all, we know how much she love butter. And I don't blame her for that.

Recently, Ms. Deen announced she has Type 2 Diabetes, on The Today Show, after the National Enquirer did a story. Apparently, she's known this for 3 years and is under doctor's care.

Now, here's where it gets tricky for her. Much of the uproar is due to the fact that she continued to promote her heavy fat, rich Southern style cooking even though she has Type 2.

As a wife of a Type 2 I can say that your lifestyle does have to change. My husband lost 50 lbs through diet and exercise over 18 years. He's continues to maintain his weight and take medication. The entire family follows a healthier lifestyle. And we're much better for it.

At the same time, lets remember that this style of cooking is her bread and butter. Would people still eat at her restaurant, purchase her cookbooks and products if she created a healthier version?


Chaos Cottage said...

I love Paula! I think your health history is your business. It looks a little hypocritical, but like you said, this is what her business has always been based on. But I think she could lighten up her favorites, create a new cookbook and teach us that we can eat Southern and healthy. I know her sons try to do this. She has always said she doesn't eat the way she cooks 365 days a year, it just looks that way because that is how she cooks on her show. Moderation in everything!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

I think it's a shame. Yes, I understand that this is what she is known for.

But she had, in my opinion, to be a huge voice of diabetics everywhere, as a celebrity cook. And she kept it secret and kept on cooking up junk.

I think she could be just as successful (if not moreso) if she started putting out recipes and cookbooks on how to still eat delicious foods, but better-for-you versions.

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