Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Target Pharmacy's $4 Generic Prescription Plan

Due to a paperwork error I will have to wait till November's health plan enrollment to be added to my husband's health insurance plan. In the meantime I needed to find the most affordable prescription plan in my area.

Before my doctor's appointment today I went to the Nevada Drug Card website, click on the price comparison for each of my medications. My local Target pharmacy came up with the lowest price!

When I arrived at Target, Josh, the pharmacist, was very friendly and informative when I informed him I had no health insurance. He took the time to verify that my medications were on their $4 Generic Prescriptive Plan. Josh even took the time to input my information into their computer system. I was than informed that the scripts would only take 20 minutes to be filled. I was thrilled!

When I came back to pick them up they were ready with 2 minutes to spare! And since I'm now going to be a regular Target pharmacy customer I signed up for their Pharmacy Rewards Plan. After filling 5 eligible prescriptions I will receive 5% off a day of Target shopping. Very cool!

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