Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thank You Big Daddy! In Sickness and Health

Warning: I do speak honestly about the side effects of opiate withdrawals

Last August, I stopped taking opiates after 11 years. They just weren't working anymore. My body was actually creating more pain to be fed. I was very afraid of stopping But before I made the plunge I had made sure I had the support of my husband.

I definitely needed during the withdraw process.

My husband was the one who held my hand when I needed encouragement to continue while lying in a pool of sweat. He was the one who wiped my head when I was vomiting. And during the terrible moment when I lost my bowels and didn't know it he was comforting and caring while he helped clean me up.

He's a loving husband...I am very blessed.

As we start a new year together I want everyone to know how much I am in love with my husband. Love you Big Daddy! Always, Bubbles

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Mining for Diamonds said...

What a blessing to read this.

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