Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tips for Coping with Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia

I have found over the 12 years of living with severe chronic pain that my coping skills need occasion toning. What might have worked for me 3 years ago may not have any benefit now.

Over the years I've also become more confident to try something new. For example, I take regular walks despite the pain flareups. Walking especially helps me with reducing my stress anxiety and depression. (I do take anti-depressants)

Listening to the birds chirping, seeing the tree branches sway in the breeze bring me some moments of calmness to my racing thoughts. They're helpful during meditating.

Another self discovery...Bananas. I eat one every day after realizing a reduction in the throbbing and shooting pains in my hands. These days, my husband makes sure there are bananas in the fruit bowl.

I continue to research alternative treatments too. Check out WebMD Slideshow for more coping tips.

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Helen Jones said...

As a single mother, living with fibromyalgia has not been easy. I have to maintain a full-time job, be there for my kids, and manage my pain. The key, I think is to change the way you approach your pain, and try to block out those negative thoughts that creep up so often. Sites like also offer great advice for dealing with the emotions that come along with fibromyalgia.

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