Monday, March 12, 2012

Online Window Shopping for Thermal Curtains !

This will be our third summer spent in this apartment so I've finally decided to purchase a pair of quality thermal curtains for the master bedroom.

Now comes the hard part, finding a color or pattern curtain that the hubby and I can live with. To make shopping more difficult my husband isn't that thrilled it's a thermal curtain. He hates dark rooms. But when it's 100+ degrees neither of us wants to walk into that bedroom with our current curtains.

So, I headed back to Country Curtains to see what they have to offer. I've been purchasing curtains from them since I first set up house. Matter of fact, I still have our first pair of tiers and valance.
1st purchase hanging in our laundry room

Click, click...I've selected some sample fabrics to be mailed to me. Once I receive them I'll show them to the hubby so we can place our order. I really want to have those curtains hung before summer!

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