Thursday, March 29, 2012

Organization: Household Management Binder ~ March 29, 2012

I want to thank Mandi, Miss(es) Canadian Pie, for her beautiful household binder pages!
I like this binder even though it's a bit worn. This is what it looked like when I received it in a blog giveaway in 2008.
cover page, available at Miss(es) Canadian Pie
pantry staples list, Miss(es) Canadian Pie
daily schedule, Miss(es) Canadian Pie
emergency: emergency supplies and first aid kit lists
lists: reading book lists, movies that we want to add to Netflix
clean: homemade cleaning recipes, cleaning schedules
stain 101: an extra stain 101 printout
home inventory: a work still in progress. when it's done I'll have my husband take it to work.


Simone said...

What a neat gift!

Linda Jordan said...

What a great organizational tool! I could definitely use something like that. I have a planner, but it doesn't have places to add pages so it is limited what I can do with it.


Household Management said...

This is such an awesome idea for household management.This truly might be very good tool.

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