Sunday, March 18, 2012

Reorganizing my Household Management Binder

Today I'm busy working on reorganizing my Household Management Binder.
I'll definitely keep the cover page!
I no longer need "Children Chores"
I want to create a pantry list specifically for us
The Thanksgiving Planner is something I might keep
I need to stay off the computer for a day to get our House Inventory done.

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Anonymous said...

I like my holiday notes. They sure help from year to year. I keep a note on which soft drinks or coffee each person we invite likes. Any food allergies or such. Knowing the brine recipe we usually use will be there in that section when we need it next and so on. Same for Christmas or family picnics etc. Also some of our relatives like to bring certain things every time and I list that but do not insist that is what they b ring of course! :) I have several favorite older relatives and I keep a special note on each of them. Any thing I know about them or they tell me that will make their stay extra special. Isn't a homemakers journal a great tool! I like the inventory for our stockpiles but also where things are stored in the things or candle holders or the turkey plater etc etc. Even every day things we don't use often....also if thing are in a box, what all is in there with it? Enjoy your day. Sarah

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