Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ultimate Blog Party 2012 at 5 Minutes for Mom

Ultimate Blog Party 2012 Welcome to BerryMorins Bits & Tips! I hope you're having fun visiting lots of blogs during this year's Ultimate Blog Party!
My name is Rona aka Bubbles. Important things that occurred since last year's Ultimate Blog Party: I turned 50 years old, became a full time housewife, started a holistic pain management treatment!
This is my husband, Charles. We've known each other since '88 and as of this month 16 years of marriage. He's my Big Daddy! He works hard to provide for us. "You keep doing what you're doing at home and I'll keep doing my thing at work"! His kisses still give me butterflies!
Here's our 20 yr old son, Marcus aka The Bacon Eating Kid. He's been doing volunteer work, studying religions on his own time and is now starting college in the summer. Whee!
Yes, we live in Las Vegas for almost 5 years! Summers are brutal with this dry, hot heat! Winters can be cold enough for it snow. So, we have 2 wardrobes, summer and winter clothes.
Please feel free to look around! And please leave a comment...I'll definitely stop by your blog for a visit!


Coffee Lovin' Mom said...

Hi Rona! Great to find you - you had me at bacon eating kid, no really you had me at holistic pain management..wait did you say coffee? Party ON!!

Love to Write said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog via the Blog Party! Nice to meet you! I will come back and read more. :)

Elizabeth Tullo said...

This blog party is too much fun. Thank you for the sweet comment and for stopping by my little site! Hope all is well and it was so nice to read a little more about you. I am your newest follower!

Liz at

AnnMarie Brown said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog via the party! I also have some older children in post secondary education... looks like we have a few things in common too... I practice holistic medicine as well. Thanks for stopping by!

OneMommy said...

What a charming family!
I've not been to Vegas... One day!

Candy The Skeptical Sweeper said...

Hi Rona!
Great chatting tonight at #UBP12. I have been diagnosed w/Fibromyalgia but don't suffer from too much pain. i admire you putting yourself out there! We are all here for each other! Hope everyday is a pain free day!

Yoli N. said...

Hi there! Stopping in from the blog party.... I love your openness about your depression. I'm just starting to blog about my challenges. I will definitely follow your blog. If you have a moment you can find me at

Stacie Sayz So said...

OMG! 50? You go girl!
Saying hi from UBP2012.

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