Monday, June 18, 2012

Please Support The Farm Bill and SNAP Today!

Today I attended the Feeding America Virtual Town Hall discussion on the Farm Bill, over the phone. Rep. Jim McGovern, Rep. Rosa DeLauro, and others were in attendence to discuss the importance of passing the Farm Bill. The most powerful statements came from people who are currently receiving SNAP benefits and how it's impacting their lives. One person shared that she has seen her benefits drop to $16 a month even though she's unable to work and required a special diet! My heart ached for all the callers. For many of us that don't qualify for SNAP program it's a daily struggle deciding to pay the electric bill or refill your prescriptions. One can only imagine making the decision to feed her family once a day! Please take the time today to phone or email your Senators and Representative in support of the Farm Bill and SNAP! Thank you!

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