Monday, July 30, 2012

Do You Shop for Your Vegetables, Fruits and Meats at 99 Cents Store?

Source: via Geri on Pinterest

With the price of food possibly increasing due to the US droughts, increasing rents, electric and water have you checked out the 99 Cents stores or other discount stores, as an alternative or addition to your grocery shopping?


Heather said...

I used to get food there but it's usually 2 seconds from expiring so it wasn't worth it for me. If you lived next to a 99 cent store and could go often then it would be a great deal. I like to shop for a whole week and by the end of the week everything would be rotted.

Kerry Fountain said...

Oh how I wish we had a 99 cent store! I have seen them on tv....and they look amazing. We have dollar stores but no fresh foods-- just some boxed stuff. Heck where I live (West Michigan) we don't even have a Trader Joe's or Whole Foods. I have to go over to the East side of the state to get my fix of Trader Joe's stuff.

Stopping by cause you stopped by and visited me! New follower :-)

Cathy said...

We have dollar stores here but like Heather said, it's usually stuff ready to expire and there's nothing fresh. Just frozen, canned and boxed.

But if food keeps going up, I may just start shopping there.

Next year, I plan on doing a lot of container gardening to grow some fresh veggies. And I have a neighbor who has been kind enough to supply me in squash and tomatoes this summer.

Jean said...

I don't think we have 99cent stores here. We have Dollar Tree and General Dollar but I don't recall seeing produce in them. I'll have to pay better attention next time I'm in one. Thanks for the tip!

May @ So Very Domestic said...

I do! There is 99 cent store on my street and I get a 3lb bag of oranges for 99 cents that I make into orange juice nearly every other day. I also get the small bags of name brand cheeses and things like that. The strawberries are generally close to expiry, but I either freeze them the day I buy them or we eat them right away. Great value!

Janet said...

We don't have a .99 cent store here, just a Dollar Tree and they don't carry fresh foods. How nice to be able to get such great deals. Thanks for stopping by my blog this week. Your menu looks delicious.