Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Finished My Grocery Shopping! And They Deliver!

As a neck pain and myofascial syndrome sufferer I can't tell you how much I dread the simple task of pushing a shopping cart. It can leave me with additional muscle swelling and pain for days.
Since moving to Las Vegas, 5 years ago, I use Vons grocery delivery service, once a month.

Source: via Della on Pinterest

I usually start on Wednesday when the Buy One, Get One Free and Club Card specials are updated. Our menus are based around what meats, chicken and fish that are on sale. I'll also stock up on the Buy One, Get One Free of our favorite items. I look over the list a few times between Wednesday and Thursday. On Thursday, I select next day delivery and time. The 4-hour delivery window is my favorite because I can save $6 on the delivery charge.
The final total is charged to our card after the order has been completed and bagged at the distribution location. I usually come under budget by $10 to $30 after all the savings are added up.
The day of delivery the truck arrives between the selected delivery time. The driver brings you're grocery bags in, advises you if there was anything not available (i also chose no substitutions), I sign, and am given a copy. All that's left to do is put away the groceries!

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