Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'm Taking a Craftsy Class on Modern Buttercream

I've been wanting to take a Craftsy online class for awhile but only recently found a free class that interest me.
I received an email today, advising me of a free online class, 'Modern Buttercream' with Joshua John Russell. This was great timing because I'm thinking about making a cake from scratch and didn't want to use store bought icing.

Source: via Rona on Pinterest

Just a couple of great baking tips that I plan on using are using the butter wrapper instead of parchment paper...let's save paper!
Use unsalted butter in your baking recipes....this makes sense but in case you didn't know.
Put your baked cake into the fridge overnight before icing.
Put your cake back into the fridge for 30 mins after icing so it can 'set'. (definitely will be doing this in the future)

Source: via Rona on Pinterest

Overall, I really enjoying the opportunity to experience an online class. The instructor provided lots of tips, discussed problem solving and addressed supply substitutes and climate issues when making buttercream. One can take notes, replay the video and post and reply questions. I definitely will take more Craftsy classes in the future.

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