Thursday, August 16, 2012

"How Did Marcus Get the Nickname, Bacon Eating Kid" ?

"How did Marcus get the nickname~Bacon Eating Kid"? is a question that comes up from time to time. And you know what? I've never answered it till now.
bacon candy~ It was actually a couple of events that happened when Marcus was very little. One episode occurred at a breakfast. Marcus was around 2 yrs old, grabbed some bacon off of someone's plate, started stuffing one piece after another in his mouth and started choking. We quickly started patting his back and gave him some water. He then motioned that he wanted more!

Source: via Rona on Pinterest

a bacon pillow given to Marcus for Valentine's Day~ Another situation was when 1/2 a pound of bacon for a breakfast and a couple of recipes before leaving for work. I later called my husband and mentioned the cooked bacon that was sitting on the counter. He told me there wasn't any bacon just a plate! appeared our little Marcus had eaten the bacon. My husband's response was "That boy sure loves his bacon"! I learned that I could never leave precooked bacon unattended!
The Bacon Eating Kid kicking back in his room~ Shortly after that we started calling him "Bacon Eating Kid" and it stuck!

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Along A Widowed Road said...

He'll always be your Bacon Eating Kid. How sweet.
Have a blessed rest of the week.


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