Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Making a Decision to Stop Working When Suffering from Chronic Pain

Last year, my former employer decided it was time to, in their words, reevaluate my work situation when my work performance began declining and their impatience for approved FMLA time off became an issue.
It had been 11 years of living with pain, depression and still working part time for 4 years and then full time for 3 years. I was exhausted, extremely anxious and suffering from numerous physical stress disorders. I was also taking several medications to keep working. But one morning I realize my body was screaming "Enough". It was time to stop working. Something my family and I knew would happen since my work related injury in 2003.
It can be a very difficult decision to make for individuals and families. Most of the time the financial loss can be devastating. We had experience of living frugal when my husband and I lost our jobs in 2009 so I quickly re-learned those skills.
It hasn't been easy. My husband wants a car or motorcycle for commuting to work. There are many times one doesn't purchase everything on the shopping list because you'll go over budget. But we have the necessities.

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My attorney filed my disability claim this January. It's is now in reconsideration. Once it's denied the next phase is a hearing where I hope it's finally accepted. (the claim process can take 2-3 years)
I’m no longer exhausted all day from working a full time job, managing our home, family and pain. I've learned to "listen" to my body and take needed breaks and rest. When I had my 6 month dental cleaning it took 4 hours because my hygienist and doctor gave me breaks every 15-20 mins. I quit taking opioids after 11 years and pursue alternative pain management methods.
I haven't had a severe migraine in almost a year. My bald and thinning hair spots are filling in. And the stress rashes are finally disappearing. (knock on wood) I even think my TMJ is getting better!


Rita said...

Have you done anything you can share for your TMJ? My daughter and I both have a lot of problems with it. I think I could manage it better if I knew the cause. I think it is STRESS. Mine is better but I'd really like for it to stop all together because it causes headaches. Thank you!

BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

Thanks for your question. I think the diet, vitamins, herbs and mediation, walking and yoga have helped with my TMJ and other pain issues.
You may want to research alternative or natural treatments for your TMJ. That's what I have and continue to do for my issues.

BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

I also heard the cranial massage can be beneficial to those suffering from TMJ.

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