Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Young and the Restless Celebrates 10,000 Episode !

My one and only daytime soap, The Young and the Restless is celebrating their 10,000 episode! 

On Wednesday September 26th live on The Talk, Sharon Case ( Sharon) and Joshua Morrow (Nick) will chat with the ladies. The Talk is on at 2PMEST/1PMPST.

Then on Thursday, Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) and Daniel Goddard (Cane) will be live tweeting during the east coast feed of the 10,000 episode at 12:30EST.   So, those of us on the PST it's 9:30AM! 

Are you a Y&R fan?


Along A Widowed Road said...

Hi Rona!
I've been watch the YR since I was a little kid. My late mom loved this show. There was the Brooks family. I remember when Jill got pregnant by Mrs Chancellors late husband.
I remember when Nicky was a stripper in a club and this is how Victor and her hooked up if I remember right.
So many things have changed since then.
I don't watch mainstream TV at all much due to not having cable, and listen to Christian talk shows on the radio.

Hope your feeling well. Viola

BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

Oh my! I remember that too. I got hooked because my mother was watching it.
When I moved to San Diego, I wasn't watching it much.
It wasn't till I re-injured my back in 2009 that I started watching it again.
We got rid of our cable too so I just watch it online or read the spoilers.
Thanks for the kind words!

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