Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DO TWO WRONGS MAKE IT ALL RIGHT? The Bus Driver, Woman and the Punch

Shanda shares her views about the bus driver punching a woman on the bus video that's gone viral! 

While my husband can't speak about the situation publicly I can.  There are some crazy and angry people riding the bus.  The drivers deal with people spitting, yelling and hitting them all while driving, watching the traffic, and keeping the riders safe. 

Now, I don't think it was right for her to get hit.  The situation was definitely very hot.  The driver should have pulled the bus over, contacted his super and the police to have her escorted off the bus.  Once she pushed the bus driver you could see that the bus swerve.  What if he had hit a car or a person? 

In Las Vegas, it's a Federal offense to attack the driver. So she would have been on her way to jail. 

I wish people would calm down.  Why are we so mad all the time?  Take a deep breath, let it out and go enjoy your day!

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