Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our "How Did You Meet" Story ~ Thanks Friendly's Restaurant

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

While my husband was stationed at the Bath Iron Works dry dock, Portland, Maine, in 1988, he would stop by Friendly's Ice Cream, Maine Mall Rd, on Thursdays, for a cup of coffee and a large bowl of cream of broccoli soup.

I was a waitress there and he would request to sit in my section. A few weeks later he asked me out. And the rest is history!

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Grandma Becky said...

nice story. So glad it's a happy story. I was talking to a man that I've known for years, at the hardware store where I work. His wife died a couple years ago. Today he was talking about going south for the winter, in AZ. Talking of "we", well he met up with his girlfriend from high school (he's in his 70s) and they reconnected, her hubby died and they are now married. What a story! Love knows no age limits! Did you see our love story last week? Hugs!

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