Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Therapy Session: My Time in a Mental Institution

At this week's therapy session, my husband joined me and I shared a little about my time in a mental institution.

First of all, let's get the scenes of a high end facility out of your heads. There was no yoga classes, acupuncture or even daily visits with a psychologist. The walls were a washed out gray. The cold dirty floors and heavy steel self locking doors didn't promote a place of healing. Physical activity amounted to standing outside surrounded by tall walls and barbed wire.

I don't remember being admitted because the hospital doped me up for the trip. But they showed me where I signed the commitment papers!

A person is segregated by age in sections of the building and never come into contact with the other age groups. (teens, seniors) But they do put you with bipolar disorders and schizophrenics. My roommate, Sylvania, pronounced Savannha, kept bugging me and everyone else to have sex with her. She even punched a guy in the face because he was wearing a Sponge Bob Squarepants t-shirt. And she would want to fight you if you didn't pronounce her name correctly!

You find yourself standing in line for everything. (getting your food, pills, seeing the doctors, using the common bathroom, etc) The coffee was very good. The food sucked. We had no TV, no access to computers or cell phones. Group therapy was always interesting because there might be an argument amongst the patients. You can't keep people locked up with nothing interesting to do and not be surprised there's tension!

There were many 'return guests' during my stay. Several knew each other and the staff. I decided right there I wasn't going to be part of the frequent guest list.

I told her and my husband that I felt that over these 2 yrs I've learned to use coping skills when dealing with my depression. As we were walking out, I felt my hubby take my hand and squeeze it tight! That made me feel better too!


Mrs. U said...

Hi Rona!!
Oh my word you've been through so much since I last looked at your blog!!!!! I've been out of the blog reading loop for some while and just thought about you and looked up your blog. PRAYING FOR YOU!!!!!!

Shari (Mrs. U)

Simone said...

That's what it's all about, Rona. The love of your husband is precious beyond what money can buy. I'm so proud of you for all of the hard work you've put into feeling whole and healthy once again.

Anonymous said...

Hi This is my first time here on your blog. I am dealing with cronic pain myself and have a friend suffering with fibro. I look forward to reading your other blogs. To the above one if they ran prisons and jails that way i bet there would be alot less inmates..im sorry to hear thats what u had to endure but am so happy you had a sweet hubby to hold you once you were out. Marcie

BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

Mrs U, Simone, and Marcie,
Thanks for the kind words.
I do agree that I have a wonderful hubby.

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