Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hubby and I Discuss "Skyfall" 007 Movie

Charles: "I loved it"! "Of course, they always have to start with a chase scene but I really enjoyed it. How about you?"
Me: "I really love Daniel Craig as 007. He's very attractive, mysterious, weathered and beaten."
And I love his wardrobe. Every outfit, I thought "Charles would look very handsome in that." "You would look so good in the pea-coat."
Charles: "I'll save the skinny pants for Marcus." "That's a young man's style but I'll definitely take the watch and car if you're thinking of Christmas gifts."
Me: "You're so cute". "I enjoyed the movie too".


Grandma Becky said...

i hear it's supposed to be a good movie. We will probably go see it. I like Judy Dench as well. She's a good actress and have followed her work for years.

BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

I love Judy Dench as well. You're in for a big surprise when you see the movie!

Jean said...

I'm hoping to see that movie as well! I enjoyed the review. My husband and I seldom agree on movies but maybe I can talk him into seeing this one.

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