Friday, November 02, 2012

No Studies Regarding Long Term Opioid Medication Use

"In my 15 years of practice, I have yet to see a scientifically sound study that can show significant benefit from the long-term use of opioid medications for chronic pain in a large patient population. " Peter Abaci, M.D. Chronic Pain Specialist

It's statements like this that should make anyone who's been using opioids for many years have some concern. But due to $635 billion dollars being spent by chronic pain sufferers for relief drug companies aren't in a hurry to find cures last year.

In the meantime, Dr. Abaci suggest that chronic pain sufferers should consider healthy lifestyle habits, start exercising regularly, connect better with others and become less dependent on external resources like heavy medications, then they will start to feel a whole lot better!

I know that I have several side effects due to my long term use. Some of them did go away after I stopped using them. Others, like my acid reflux are still present. These days, I no longer rely on prescriptions to manage my pain. In my case, Dr. Abaci was right!

Chronic pain may cost US $635 Billion a Year

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Kerry Fountain said...

While I wasn't ever given opioids for pain relief for my fibro, I was given many other medications that were suppose to help the pain. I actually found that my pain became worse when I was on this medication. It was hard to go off because I had several worse days before it got better. But now that I am off all the medication-- I actually have a life!

I have found that eliminating as much processed food as you can as well as eliminating all artificial sweeteners can go a long way towards less pain. I now have flares maybe 3-4 times a year instead of being in constant pain and flaring 3-4 times a month!

Scary that there is no long term research being done....very scary!

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