Friday, November 09, 2012

Our Home: New Autumn Touches

I purchased a gobble. wall vinyl decal from Welcoming Wall last week. Today, it arrived in the mail. When our son saw me putting it up he said, "Oh, I see you're in your decorating mood. If you need me to hang up something let me know."
gobble.~Something fun for the hallway bathroom.
This is a small faux pumpkin that I purchased from Target last month. I finally found a home for it!
Welcoming Wall included some fall leaves, at no charge. I knew just where to put them!


Nicole said...

The leaves are a perfect touch!

Grandma Becky said...

I have 3 small pumpkins right outside our front door. But sadly gonna have to throw one away since it's getting moldy. I was driving the back way home from a Christmas bazaar this afternoon, thru the country. Love to do that and the weather was so nice. There was a field with pumpkins still in it. I watched Call the Midwife show on PBS last evening since I didn't have anything else to watch. Good program. I enjoy British programs like that, even tho I've missed a few episodes. Take care and have a great weekend. It's chilly outside right now. No walk for me...windy and feels like ice cubes! Hugs!

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