Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas in Maine Courtesy of Pinterest

Most people don't know that I'm spent most of my years in Portland, Maine. If you have any doubt listen for my now slight Southern Maine accent when I say "wa-ah (water).

After moving to San Diego, California in 1994, I learned to love warm, perfect weather. But I still had a special place for Maine during the holidays. I don't care how much fake snow you put on your lawn it's just not the same thing!

And now that we live in Las Vegas for a few years we've had to purchase winter clothes, teach Marcus about layering and even experience some snow once in awhile.
It's still always a treat to see all the snow and lights of Maine that people share. I hope you enjoy them too!

Christmas lights and giant llbeans boot while shopping at the LLBean Flagship Store in Maine

Lighthouse in York, Maine

Camden, Maine

Freeport, Maine

Downtown Portland, Maine

Portland Head Lighthouse

There was a time I actually wanted to live in a huge Portland house like this one. Now I just love admiring it from afar.

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