Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kelly's Korner 2012 Christmas Tour of Homes

Kelly's Korner is hosting her 2012 Christmas Tour of Homes so I thought I would join in!

Welcome to our home! It's Christmas time in Vegas!
There's snow on the mountain tops but not on the ground. It is cold here. 40-50 degrees in the daytime and low 30's at night! And we love it!

Our large Christmas tree is in the office this year. It definitely feels at home in there!
I decided to use our brown barn star as a tree topper this year. I also tried my hand at dried orange slices ornaments.
I wanted to put items around the house to good use like newspaper and shopping bags becomes wrapping paper and gift bags!
Kiana and Marcus gave us this ornament after their trip to Salt Lake City a couple of years ago.
Here's one our son made in Christmas Youth camp. It's my all-time favorite ornament!
Our son at 5 years old. Another favorite ornament!
Pinterest pins were my inspiration for this Christmas card tree!
I'm planning on purchasing some flame-less tea candles for the circle wall candle holder. It will be a surprise for my husband.
I really like this garland in our bedroom. The small tree was a bargain purchased from Eddie Bauer years ago for $10!
I love using chalkboards in the home. This one was moved to the master bathroom.
This one is on the living room area wall.
Our son, Marcus and I hanging out in his room. How do you like my penguin hat?
My husband, Charles striking a pose!

Thank you for stopping by for a tour of home! Merry Christmas!

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Carrie said...

I like the Christmas tree made of cards - what a great idea! Your home looks very festive - Merry Christmas!

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