Saturday, December 01, 2012

Today's Shopping Experience at Office Depot Wasn't Good!

Jean, store #2143, was nice but when my merchandise card declined she provided no further assistance. I decided to not purchase the item and came home.

Once I was home I chose to order the item online, after several attempts the merchandise card was accepted. Office Depot needs to make their payment method run more smoothly. I also didn't like having to enter my credit card regardless of the fact that there was a zero balance due, to have the order processed.

I called their your customer service department about the problems I had. They advised that card's magnetic strip was probably desensitized. And that store rep should have manually entered numbers to redeem.

We've been shopping at Office Depots for over 15 years. Their still our favorite store for tech stuff and office supplies so I was shocked with the lack of service.

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