Friday, December 07, 2012

UPS Found and Delivered My Package Today!

PS package arrived closed.

It issue starts with me putting the wrong apartment number on the order with Puritan's Pride a week ago. (brain fog) This week, I received a notification stating that it was at our front door. No package at our door. So I contacted UPS Twitter for help. Per their follow up email, the UPS delivery person stated they delivered it to not only the wrong apartment but wrong building! I was advised per UPS' email to check with the person who might have my package or contact Puritan's Pride.

This morning, I called Puritan's Pride customer service to advise them of the lost package. While I speaking with Jill, customer service, she advised that UPS had my package and were going to delivery it today! She offered to place me on hold, contact them, and verify that they had the correct address.

When Jill came back online she advised me that UPS had the correct shipping address and that my package would be delivered today! She also corrected the apartment number in my account! Kudos Jill!

Thank you UPS the follow up. And Puritan's Pride for the great customer service! I'm a very happy customer.


LaTrice R. said...

That's awesome I use to have neighbors that would steal my ups shipments...I had to get everything set to pickup or delivered to my work. It use to be a pain.

Grandma Becky said...

Glad you got your package. I had one delivered at work cuz it was a box of pillows. On the side of it, there was a sticker and it said..."the internet sent me to make you happy....Groupon Cute idea indeed. The pillows were a good deal by the way. Have a good day!

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