Thursday, December 06, 2012

Will You Be Snail Mailing Christmas Card This Year?

I love receiving Christmas cards! Some of you are so creative DIYer's. And then there are those of us who appreciate a handmade card and will purchase them from a Etsy store! It's fun to send and receive them. Many times, I'll hear from people via email or Facebook when they've receive our card. (That's so sweet of them!)

This year, I'm participating in the Christmas Card Exchange at Workplace Like Home (again) and sending cards to family and friends.

Will you be snail mailing Christmas cards this year?


The Groundskeeper said...

Part of my to-do list this week has been to mail at least 2 Christmas cards every day. It is fun to receive them, so I'm not sure why I haven't really sent any the several years. This year they are not handmade, I'm doing well just to get some mailed. Perhaps next year will see hand made ones.

victory said...

I need to get started. The clock is ticking!

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