Saturday, January 14, 2012

Family Office Rolodex File Box: Arts and Crafts Project

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Last night, I was in the mood and had the energy to make a family office Rolodex. Armed with some scrap booking supplies, scissors, Post-It flags, index cards and a clear file box I got right to it!

Front view: I cut the shape of the index card out of the printed card stock. Than I used this style of letters to spell "FILE".

Back view: I decided to give the back a finished look by using the same printed card stock.

We have some Post-It flags left over from our property management days so I decided to utilize them. I also used a smaller font letter for the sections.

The finished project now has a permanent home, on the desk!

The New Betty Crocker Big Red Cookbook Has Arrived!

It was time to retire our Betty Crocker Big Red Cookbook. Over the years, it has definitely served our family well. It has the stains and ripped pages to proof many years of service.

When I got ready to throw the old Big Red into the trash Marcus asked me not to. He has too many fond memories of the 2 of us making cookies or pancakes from scratch.

Old Big Red, pancake and waffle recipe with lots of wear and tear

Lots of peanuts greeted me when I opened the box from!

New Big Red arrived wrapped!

How pretty!

In new Big Red the pancake and waffle recipes are now located in the Breakfast section.

New Big Red has a home with our other cookbooks!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Big Lot Finds: January 2012

I took a walk to Big Lots to purchase supplies to make a Rolodex, for the home office. I found a clear file box for $1.25 and index cards for $1.

Marcus and I love cleaning supplies! (it's a sickness) The cleaning wipes were a $1 each.

I'm thinking of making a small clothespin banner for the office and saw the scrapbook stickers were $1. Grand total $6!

January Clean Up: Sharing Old Photos and Memories

Yesterday, I decided to sort through the containers of family photos. I really need to organized and catalog those photos. After all, one day our son will inherit these photos.

In the meantime, I went ahead and redid our living room wall gallery. I just love the touch of red from the cranberry wreath. I'm also fond of these framed quotes! To make them special I purchased inexpensive frames for under $5 at Big Lots.

At this memo board I added a couple of school pictures, photos from the husband's youth and military travels. Marcus was quick to spot the Ford sports car which belonged to my husband's brother, Tony. "Why did you get rid of the car Dad?"

I got a big smile when I found a photo of my family house in Maine. Some good memories such as Charles to meeting my family and Marcus' first 2 years. I haven't been back to Maine but I sure do miss all of that green grass, trees and Amatos Italians!

Chris, Charles' sister, gave me a box of family photos before she died. I was thrilled to discover that there were 3 copies of this photo of their parents' wedding. I later gave one to Marcus.

Marcus freaked when he found out that this was the bike my husband rode as a teen. He turned around and said "Where's my bike"?!

My husband and I loved sharing family stories behind the photos with Marcus. He was thrilled when I present him with his share of family photo.

Here's to sharing old photos and memories with our kids!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Target Purchase: Serving Bowl Matches Our Plates

Sometimes you can find some great sales at Target. While walking the aisles on Saturday I found this bowl on a clearance rack for $7. The other plus: It matches our plates!

Thank You Big Daddy! In Sickness and Health

Warning: I do speak honestly about the side effects of opiate withdrawals

Last August, I stopped taking opiates after 11 years. They just weren't working anymore. My body was actually creating more pain to be fed. I was very afraid of stopping But before I made the plunge I had made sure I had the support of my husband.

I definitely needed during the withdraw process.

My husband was the one who held my hand when I needed encouragement to continue while lying in a pool of sweat. He was the one who wiped my head when I was vomiting. And during the terrible moment when I lost my bowels and didn't know it he was comforting and caring while he helped clean me up.

He's a loving husband...I am very blessed.

As we start a new year together I want everyone to know how much I am in love with my husband. Love you Big Daddy! Always, Bubbles

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Last Call for "One Life to Live" Soap Opera

"One Life to Live", ABC soap opera, is wrapping up this week! This is another soap that my mother introduced me to. She would be watching when we got home from school.
As a teen it became a daily habit to tune in to see what Tina and Asa were up to.

But, as we know, our viewing choices have changed with more entertainment options. In my opinion it didn't help that the industry relied on poor story lines even recycling them year after year!

The recession definitely didn't help these expensive productions either. They became old dinosaurs that were no longer profitable to the Big 3 networks.

So, as they turn the lights off at "One Life to Live" it does have me wondering how much longer the remaining 4 soaps will be around?

My Comments Regarding COBRA Benefits

I'm hoping to be added to my husband's health insurance plan but have hit a roadblock. Even though I gave a separation date of December 6, 2011 Century Link continued my health benefits till December 31, 2011. Good news for me because I was able to get a few prescription refills. Bad news because my husband's employer will be getting back to me after they do some researching. It's past the 30 days after the separation date so I may have to wait till next enrollment.

In the meantime, I received the COBRA paperwork. It looks like if I want to continue my health insurance benefits it's going to cost almost $500 a month!

If I'm unable to be added to my husband's health plan I will wait till next November's enrollment.

Good news: I'm no longer taking opiates, which many general practice doctors don't want to write. I've also stopped taking one of my muscle relaxers so I will have less prescriptions to refill. I will pay the cash office visit rate to see a doctor and utilize the Nevada Drug Plan card for my medications.

Back on the Job Search Train!

Talk 2 Rep sales position wasn't right for me. While I love the opportunity to not be on the phone their pay structure is commission only. Since I didn't meet their hourly goal I didn't get paid.

Time to get back on the job search train.

Monday, January 09, 2012

When You're Sick Make Slow Cooker Pot Roast!

I feel like crap for days due to this horrible head cold. And as many of you know homemakers don't get sick days!

So with my husband at work and Marcus helping paint walls for a non-profit this is the time when I pull out something from the freezer. After all isn't that what freezer food is for?!

Couple Gift Idea: His and Her Coffee Mugs

As a special Christmas couple gift I bought the His and Her mugs. My husband starts his morning with His full of hot coffee. Sometimes, I'll find him eating oatmeal, cereal or ice cream in his mug.

Today, mine is giving my throat much needed comfort with hot decaffeinated tea.

Christmas Decorations 90% Off at Target!

I stopped by Target recently to discover that the Christmas decorations were 90% off.

I purchased this wreath for only $2!

One Word 2012 ~ Pace

I know that many of you are participating in the One Word 2012. So, it got me there a word that I would like to live by this year?

For me, the Word is Pacing. According to the free one of the meanings is to advance or develop (something) at a particular rate or tempo.

Last year, my pain level was increasing, daily stress anxiety and nightly teeth grinding. I quit taking my opiates after 11 years in August. Last month I put in my resignation and never looked back. The decision was so right for me. And guess what?! The next day I noticed less anxiety. I even noticed my mouth was aching due to the teeth grinding in a couple of weeks.

All those years my body was screaming for me to slow down, stop fighting so hard with my chronic pain and take a breathe.

As my son loves to say too many people rush through their lives...they need to slow down and smell the roses!

I love how good the roses smell!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Menu Plan Monday ~ January 9, 2012

This homemaker has a terrible head cold so meals will be easy and quick for the husband and son to prepare.

In the meantime I'm catching up on old episodes of the "Law & Order" franchise on Netflix.

Now onto this week's menu plan. Thank you to

Organizing Junkie for hosting this weekly linky party!

Sandwiches and Chicken Noodle Soup

Crispy Chicken Breast, Fire Roasted Vegetables

Pot Roast, Mashed Potatoes and Veggies

Beef Tacos, Black Beans

We've Caught the Cold! Ugh!

It started with the hubby, then Marcus and now me.

So when mama isn't feeling well that means housework isn't done as quickly.

Marcus and Charles are more apt to grab pizza instead of preparing dinner. (they forgot to throw out the pizza boxes)

As of today, Marcus and Charles are feeling better. The hubby went to work.

When I come down with a cold or the flu it also increases my pain level. So this gal is lying in bed watching "Law & Order" episodes, surrounded with a box of Klennex,a bottle of asprin, pitcher of water and nasal saline drops.

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