Friday, March 23, 2012

Miss Mustard Seed's Furniture Feature Friday ~ Marchs 23, 2012

My husband got this chair at a storage unit auction a few years ago.
We keep it in our home office, as a chair for the desk.
I'm looking for suggestions on restoring this chair. I want to replace the seat and the arm pads. Where would I look for parts?
Is this a diy project or should I be contacting American Restoration?
Thank you to Miss Mustard Seed for hosting Furniture Feature Fridays!

5 Minutes for Mom: Pin It Friday ~ March 23, 2012

Lynn's Little Creations at Etsy is our family's favorite store for personalized cake toppers. Thanks to 5 Minutes for Mom for hosting Pin It Fridays!
Renewal cake topper, 2008
Kiana's birthday cake,2011
Marcus' high school graduation, 2010

Spring Re-Do: Marcus' Room

Our son has started the process to attend College of Southern Nevada to obtain his required credits to sign up with the Marines!
If any of you have an adult child still living at home I'm sure you can understand the desire to push them is strong.
So after a family meeting one Sunday my husband informed our son that he needed to sign up for college asap. And then report to him everyday! (My husband was in the Navy)
Next week: placement tests.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Study Finds Fewer Nevada Students Graduate High School

Study Finds Fewer Nevada Students Graduate High School

9 states have seen their high school graduate rates drop including Nevada.  It appears only 50% of our kids are graduating from high school.

Experts are blaming it on families that move to and from the state.  

As a parent, living in Las Vegas,  I see lots of distractions for families and teens, such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, crime, and a rough economy.   And with many people working 2-3 jobs with no parents at home most of the day that leaves kids to their own devices.

Chronic Pain Sufferers: Yoga

Our son, Marcus has been doing yoga for over a year now. He's 6 ft 5 inches and understands that he must have a strong core to support his tall frame.
One day I was complaining about my anxiety issues when he suggested yoga for me. He informed me that it not only would address my anxiety issues by teaching me proper breathing but it would help develop a strong core for support and balance. There are many adapted yoga poses for people with chronic pain, back and neck concerns.

Mom! Look! Now More Dark Circles! BH Cosmetics Concealer Palette

I'm using a new concealer palette from BH Cosmetics! Finally, no more dark circles!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

5 Minutes for Mom: Wordless Wednesday

a clip of hair that wants to make a run for it. Thanks to 5 Minutes for Mom for hosting Wordless Wednesdays!

Gas Prices: How Much Is It In Your Neck of the Woods?

Last Saturday, my husband and I rented a Uhaul pickup truck to run errands and do our monthly grocery shopping. And since hubby had to go into work early I was responsible for filling up the truck before dropping it off, in Sunday morning.
Since we rely on bus transportation, walk or ride a bike there's not much need to be watching the gas prices.
So when I went inside the Terrible's to put $20 on pump 8 the cashier and I started chatting about the gas prices in Southern California. I wasn't surprised when she shared with me that some areas are already at $5 while they have been informed that $8 has been seen in some places!
In my neck of the woods, North Las Vegas unleaded is around $3.80 with premium being $4.10. While driving through Summerlin Las Vegas, a more affluent suburb we did see unleaded over $4. (why is that?!)
I invite you to share with me what gas is going for in your neck of the woods. Also, are you planning on making some changes, such as buying a smaller car, hybrid, or using public transit? In order of appearance: The World Market Center is located next door to Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, a view of from the Las Vegas Premium Outlet North parking lot, the Stratosphere Tower towards the left,the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Big Bird!

Our son's best buddy when he was a toddler was Big Bird, from Sesame Street. He was such a fan that he received a Big Bird talking doll as a gift! He would have me replay his Big Bird videos over and over again. I even caught myself wording the dialogue!
Happy Birthday Big Bird!

Nail Polish is...Orly Nail Lacquer Liquid Vinyl

I'm still working on applying the nail polish without lots of mistakes. Kudos to You Tube manicure tutorials!

Chronic Pain Sufferer: Pain Management Meditation

I'm learning the benefits of guided meditation as a pain management technique.  No side effects, low cost but you've got to put in the time. 
Meditation is another technique of retraining the brain to help manage one's pain level.  Thanks Marcus for lending me your yoga mat! It's Tackle It Tuesday at 5 Minutes for Mom!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Pleasant View Schoolhouse: Housekeeping Blog Recommendation

These days I really enjoy visiting blogs full of housekeeping inspiration, like home decor, sewing, knitting, and cooking. She's a talented seamstress who creates beautiful dresses from vintage dress patterns from the 40's and 50's.
Pleasant View Schoolhouse has been one of my favorite blogs for several years. On your visits you'll notice some beautiful photos and projects.

Menu Plan Monday ~ March 19, 2012

My husband and I had a fabulous Saturday! *We started with breakfast at Einstein Bros. (Why can't I make our coffee taste that amazing?!) *eye appointment ~ he's going to so handsome in his new glasses. *Grocery shopping at Fresh & Easy and Walmart ~ great place for people watching.
*Picked up prescriptions at CVS ~ 3 hours to have a called in phone refill done ~ I transferred my husband's scripts to Target. *we took a drive through Summerlin Las Vegas ~ we saw lovely beautiful large homes, ots of green trees and grass. *Williams-Sonoma ~ they offered coffee and espresso, we love the display stove, Wow! and did a little shopping. *bike shop ~ buy a cable and do some window shopping! Would you spend $3,000 for a bike? Now, onto this week's menu plan! Thanks to Organizing Junkie for hosting Menu Plan Mondays!
Williams-Sonoma Meatloaf, Mixed Green Salad Oven Baked Pork Chops, Macaroni and Cheese, Mixed Green Salad Fresh & Easy Mango Chicken with Basmati Rice Fresh & Easy Chef or Chicken Caesar Salads Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Couple Time: Shopping at Williams-Sonoma

My husband and I stopped by Williams-Sonoma yesterday. I love their online store but the brick and mortar store is so much better!
Kudos to Jana! She was so nice, offered us espresso, answered all our questions.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Accidental bigamist discovers she has four husbands!

Accidental bigamist discovers she has four husbands

It appears scammers were using her birth certificate to arrange fake marriages! That stinks!

Reorganizing my Household Management Binder

Today I'm busy working on reorganizing my Household Management Binder.
I'll definitely keep the cover page!
I no longer need "Children Chores"
I want to create a pantry list specifically for us
The Thanksgiving Planner is something I might keep
I need to stay off the computer for a day to get our House Inventory done.

Sunday ~ Jumping Tandem

It takes guts to stay married … There will be many crises between the wedding day and the golden anniversary, and the people who make it are heroes. (Howard Whitman)

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