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Tonight's Dinner: Crockpot Pineapple Pepper Chicken with Brown Rice

Yes, I do utilize my Recipe File Box at Pinterest.

Home CEO Commander Central: Where I Keep It All Under Control!

Working from my commander station I'm able to stay on top of our medical appointments, refill prescriptions, plan weekly menus and receive sales information!
From this strategic location I'm able to pull up recipes, listen to Martha Stewart Radio or NPR Fresh Air with Terri Gross from our notebook when I'm in the kitchen.

I'm Reading Again...Whee!

I actually took some time off from reading. I don't know if it was because nothing was grabbing me or didn't want make the time but I'm done with excuses. So, a couple of weeks ago the hubby and I were at Deseret Thrift Shop and discovered their book section. Many of the books are in new condition. And for .50 to $1.50 we decided to buy a few.

Source: via Hillary on Pinterest

I'm currently reading "Bergdorf Blondes" by Plum Sykes. I'll definitely do a book recommendation.

Stretching and Breathing for Chronic Pain Sufferers

I wanted to being practicing these series of stretches and breathing techniques before recommending them for a few weeks.
When I first started I actually had difficulty with the breathing. I remember even gagging a few times. These days I actually find myself doing the cooling breath through out the day whenever I start feeling anxious without hesitation.
All these exercises are done seated which are great for severe chronic sufferers. The instructor shows different movements for back and neck pain.
So instead of me taking a Valium I look forward to doing them daily. And it's working for me.

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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Jill Scott ft. Anthony Hamilton- So In Love (Official Video)

"I'm so in love with you Big Daddy"!

Wish List: Eyeglasses

While picking up hubby's eyeglasses I decided to try on 2 pairs.
Guess aviator style sunglasses
LA Ink eyeglasses

Jumping Tandem Sundays ~ Take Time for the Pain

As a severe chronic pain sufferer I don't get to walk away from my physical pain. It's always with me since 2000. And I almost let it destroy me.
For years I tried cover it up with varies opioids till I attempted suicide in April 2010.
I then found myself in a mental institution, humbled, wearing a crappy medical gown, issued socks and flip flops. I now had no place to run from my pain. And I knew the Heavenly Father had a play in me being there.
I remember falling to the cold bare floor, crying out "I finally get it Lord! I sit here stripped and humbled."
According to Rev. Dr. James Forbes, The African-American Devotional Bible KJV, we have a responsibility to take time for our pain.
1. Face the pain in our lives, admitting its reality. It may be hard to face, but when we do, we can begin to work through it. We can live victoriously over it and not be mastered by it. ( I still have severe pain 24 hrs/7 days a week ~I now use alternative treatments for managing my pain level)
2. Trace the source of the pain in our lives. Sometimes we need an objective, outside observer to pinpoint things we don't see or won't see in our lives. (I realized that I needed to have my Major Depression Disorder properly treated. Once I did that I found my mind much more clearer. I could now make major changes to my pain management plan)
3. Finally, we need to "grace" the pain, that is, put it in its proper place. Romans 8:28 suggest that God uses pain and tribulation to make things right in our lives. (I admitted I had an addiction to pain medications in 2011. With God and my doctor and family's help I stopped taking them last August)

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