Saturday, June 02, 2012

The Church at South Las Vegas - Internet Campus

The Church at South Las Vegas - Internet Campus

Pastor Benny is back after 3 weeks off!  He was missed.  I just love his passion for the Word.  
He spoke about being broken and learning how to walk again.  And it's important to encounter Jesus outside of church.
Pastor Benny says "Busyness is not an excuse to read your bible".  I've definitely have to work on that!  

Join Us at Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life Home Tour

Kelly's Korner has started this week's linky party with the living room. Here's my original post for this year and some additional photos our our living room space.
It's been fun visiting the SUYL participants. I've been able to get some decorating ideas, like the popular initials on the wall or mantle.
There are many ladies that show you how they decorate on a budget. You'll even find some helpful DIY tutorials and resources!
I've noticed that Target, Ikea and Home Goods are very popular for purchasing affordable home decor.
And of course, when it comes to creativity you can't go wrong with Etsy! (my fav online store front)
Well, I still have plenty of living rooms to visit. I hope to see you there!

Homeless Teen Accepted to Harvard

This young lady is an inspiration for all of us!  Just because one is in a bad situation doesn't mean it shouldn't define you.  Amen!

Friday, June 01, 2012

We Loved Watching "Hatfields & McCoys" on The History Channel

We didn't miss an episode, of Part 3 of "Hatfields & McCoys" on The History Channel! And that's saying the majority of our TV online.
Part 3 was full of more twist and turns from these two feuding families. I don't want to spoil it for anyone but I did have to get my box of Kleenex out, a couple of times!
I wouldn't be surprise it the show cleans up in next year's Emmys! The History Channel has the entire mini-series online, in case you missed anything or just want to watch it again!

5 Minutes for Mom Pin It Fridays ~ June 1, 2012

It's officially summer in Las Vegas! This week temps have been in the low 100's. So it's time to hit the pools, do some grilling and kick back! Thanks to 5 Minutes for Mom for hosting Pin It Fridays!

Source: via Rona on Pinterest

Source: via Rona on Pinterest

Source: via Rona on Pinterest

Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life: Living Rooms ~ June 1, 2012

Here's a few photos of our living room space, in our apartment. I really do love the light that we get from the patio. We also love the open space to the kitchen and dining area. My decorating goal is always to turn an apartment into a home! Our, clean, personal. Thanks Kelly's Korner for hosting Show Us Your Life.
I like clipping out magazine photos and placing them in frames. My favorite magazines for clipping are Real Simple and Country Living.
A view of our living room space from our dining area.
A view from the front door.
A photo of our beloved Toby, The Wonder Dog next to our family renewal ceremony cake topper.
I love black & white photos. Charles' sisters, his parents' wedding and on the left bottom are my parents at an awards dinner.
Our ever changing wall gallery.
A basket, that I purchased from Big Lots to store our shoes. I hate a dirty carpet!
This quote is from a homeless teen who recently graduated from high school. I purchased the chalkboard from a Etsy store.
A place to display old greeting cards, postcards and memories. I like to change it monthly. Thank you for stopping by!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Clinical Depression: Suicide Awareness, Support and Prevention - Suicide Prevention, Awareness, and Support! Mary Kennedy, wife of Robert F. Kennedy, was buried this month, after she had committed suicide. Mrs. Kennedy suffered from years of depression and substance abuse.
This times like this that I want to remind people that signs of suicidal should be taken seriously. I know about this because I attempted suicide in April 2010. My husband discovered me, called the ambulance and was committed to a mental institution.
While I was at the mental institution I came face-to-face with my Major Depression, went through the grieving process, accepted help and finally, proper medication! Thank you Heavenly Father for bringing me to my knees!

Plus-size Fashion Blogger Rebuts Critics: 'I'm All for Health'

Plus-size 'fatkini' blogger rebuts critics: 'I'm all for health'  

If you haven't heard about this story let me give you the highlights.  Gabi Gregg, full figured fashion blogger, decided to post a photo of her wearing a bikini and suggested others do the same.   The story went viral, people praised and criticized her and the media came a calling!

Source: via Rona on Pinterest

This summer I've seen more bikinis and swimsuits offered for the curvy gal.  And as a full figured gal, wearing a 18 top and 14 pant, I'm thrilled!   I enjoy swimming, like to have choices when going to the pool and want to look good doing it.

Source: via Rona on Pinterest

I definitely support Gabi when she said  “Don't let body shame keep you from having a good time!”  And I don't think she's saying that women shouldn't be healthy. The critics are reading too much into it.

Source: via Rona on Pinterest

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5 Minutes for Mom Wordless Wednesday ~ May 30, 2012

The hubby and I took a drive down the old Strip in Vegas last week.
This area is within walking distance of Fremont Street Experience.
Thanks to 5 Minutes for Mom for hosting Wordless Wednesdays!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Hatfields & McCoys" Part 2 on The History Channel Tonight!

Did you have a chance to see Part 1 of "Hatfields & McCoys" on the History Channel last night? My husband and I were definitely not disappointed! It wasn't all about the stolen pig, was it?!
The hubby and I are hooked and will be watching Part 2 at 9pm PST tonight!

Dream A Little Dream

"You are never to old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." - C.S Lewis

Monday, May 28, 2012

"Law & Order" Memorial Day Marathon on TNT

My husband called me to let me know that there's a "Law & Order" Memorial Day Marathon on TNT today. Ah! Now I can get my fill of Lennyisms!

Menu Plan Monday ~ May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day! This week I selected from our Favorite Recipes Board on Pinterest. Thanks to Organizing Junkie for hosting Menu Plan Mondays!
hamburgers, baked beans, pasta salad
fish and chips. cod was on sale this week at Albertsons!
chicken stir fry
we love salads!
ribs, mashed potatoes and summer corn
herbed pork roast, oven potatoes, salad

Marcus' Breakfast Creation: Belgian Waffle with Ice Cream

I mentioned to Marcus that I used to make waffle sundaes during my days, working at Friendly's Ice Cream. So, he decided to give it a try.
Cookies and Cream Ice Cream between 2 Belgian waffles and some sugar-free syrup and whipped cream

Remembering Those Who Have Fallen this Memorial Day!

Source: via Mindy on Pinterest

Remembering those who have fallen in service to our country.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Chronic pain is relieved by cell transplantation in lab study

Except from the news story:  In a study, published in the May 24, 2012 issue of Neuron, the scientists transplanted immature embryonic nerve cells that arise in the brain during development and used them to make up for a loss of function of specific neurons in the spinal cord that normally dampen pain signals.

A small fraction of the transplanted cells survived and matured into functioning neurons. The cells integrated into the nerve circuitry of the spinal cord, forming synapses and signaling pathways with neighboring neurons

As a result, pain hypersensitivity associated with nerve injury was almost completely eliminated, the researchers found, without evidence of movement disturbances that are common side effects of the currently favored drug treatment.
 Click below to read more about the study.

Chronic pain is relieved by cell transplantation in lab study

Jumping Tandem Sunday ~ A Man Can Not Diminish God's Glory...

A man can no more diminish God's glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word, 'darkness' on the walls of his cell. C. S. Lewis
Thank you to Jumping Tandem for hosting Sundays!

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