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Public transit ridership rising sharply, advocacy group reports

Public transit ridership rising sharply, advocacy group reports

This news article states that rising gas prices and a rough economy are just 2 reasons that ridership is increasing in the United States. 
I know in our case, when our car died, a few years ago, we were still unemployed so no car.  "We're going to be taking the bus"!

My husband suffered 2 layoffs in a year.  It would take him a long time to secure the public transit position he has now.  So, again with possible unemployment we decided to wait!  (my neighbor just told he was laid off today)

There's also the freedom factor one gets when they don't have a car.  Many people are choosing to live a simpler lifestyle, such as Rowdy Kitten

What I've learned since living car-free?  Well, I'm not making needless trips to Starbucks to spend that $10.  Walking is definitely underrated! Great for stress and exercise.

There's true characters that ride the bus.  My son likes to come up with names for …

Countdown to Father's Day ~ Cards

When it comes to Father's Day I turn to Etsy for something creativity and fun. My favorite Etsy store is QueenBeeInspiration! Over the years I've actually held onto the cards and use them to decorate throughout the house for Father's Day. My husband gets a kick out of it, as we read them! Source: via Rona on Pinterest Isn't this dress shirt with bow tie just adorable?! Source: via Rona on Pinterest The cuffs are definitely doable. Just grab the kids and some buttons! Source: via Rona on Pinterest I really like the details on this Father's Day card. Source: via Rona on Pinterest Let Dad know he's always number 1! Source: via Rona on Pinterest Source: via Rona on Pinterest As Chris Rock, comedian, says "Why don't we thank Dad more"?!

Just Thinking About My Hubby Puts a Smile on My Face!

Hubby and I Love Watching "Law & Order" on Sunday Mornings!

My husband works long days so when we can spend time together it so sweet! On Sunday mornings, my husband and I start our day with a cup of coffee and "Law & Order". Our favorite characters are with Lennie Briscoe and Rey Curtiz. It's our special time before he has to head out to work.