Saturday, September 08, 2012

I Read "Rules" by Cynthia Lord in 3 Days!

Source: via Rona on Pinterest

I recently won this book in a giveaway hosted by VSP. (thank you!) I thought it would arrive by snail mail but there was a knock at the door from the UPS guy! That was on a Wednesday. I started reading devouring this book on Thursday afternoon and finished it Friday night! I truly fell in love with Catherine. Let's face it, she's just a pre-teen trying to have a life but also has to deal with the responsibilities of her brother David, who has autism.
Even though the book is recommended for young adults I would highly encourage this book be added to your reading list!
Here's a short video of Cynthia Lord, author, speaking about her book, "Rules".

Autumn Decorating Touches at House

I love the color of autumn and enjoy placing decorative touches throughout our home. This year, I'm planning on adding some vinyl wall decals. Stay tuned!

I'll Be Attending the Invisible Illness Awareness Virtual Conference Next Week!

You can read the entire press release at the Invisible Illness Awareness Week website. San Diego, CA — (SBWIRE) — 08/28/2012 — When it comes to bloggers with passion, “e-patient bloggers” who share about their illness journeys, have changed how people find encouragement for living with their illness. A recent study found that 41% of e-patients have read someone else’s commentary or experience about health or medical issues on an online news group, website or blog, and 38% say it changed the way they cope with a chronic condition or manage pain.*
National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week (NICIAW), established in 2002, is September 10-16, 2012 and e-patient bloggers are the inspirational force behind the campaign’s success.
“These e-patient bloggers are strong advocates for increasing awareness for causes such as invisible illness,” shares Lisa Copen, founder and coordinator for NICIAW. “They open up their hearts and become vulnerable in order to educate others and increase understanding among the healthy community.”
To read the entire press release please click here.

Friday, September 07, 2012

5 Minutes for Moms Pin It Fridays ~

I'm a big fan of vinyl wall decals! They're an inexpensive, creative way to decorate a wall and add personality to your space. I've recently discovered them for seasonal decorating. Just think, no more addition holes in the walls. Here's just a few of my favorite finds from Pinterest and Etsy. Thanks to 5 Minutes for Moms for hosting Pin It Fridays. Come join the fun!

Source: via Rona on Pinterest

Source: via Rona on Pinterest

Source: via Rona on Pinterest

Source: via Rona on Pinterest

Chronic Pain and the Importance of Communication 10/04 by MarriageCoachLynn | Blog Talk Radio

While attending a chronic pain sufferer support group many years ago, several of the ladies shared the difficulties they were having in their relationships and marriages.  Some of the ladies were divorced and encourage those who were still married to keep the communication flowing.
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Over the years, my husband and I have recognized the importance of communication.  Sometimes, we would say things that the other didn't want to hear but it helped us heal.  We've also had to seek counseling from time to time to get back on course.

I've included a link to a Blog Talk Radio show where the topics are discussed, coping skills and tools.
Chronic Pain and the Importance of Communication 10/04 by MarriageCoachLynn | Blog Talk Radio

Thank you Hubby! You're My Hero!

Hubby saw that I was hurting while I was trying to hold my puzzle book so he sat down, took the book and we did the word puzzle together.
He's my daily hero!

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Downton Abbey Season 3 Preview on PBS

Watch Downton Abbey Season 3 Preview on PBS. See more from Masterpiece.

Last season even my husband started referring to "Downton Abbey" as "Rona's TV program". We'll have to wait till January 2013 but till then here's a little peak. Enjoy!

Autumn Decorating~ Pumpkins

Whether you use pumpkins inside or outside they scream autumn and cooler temps have arrived. Here's just a few ways to use them in your decorating that I discovered on Pinterest.

Source: via Rona on Pinterest

Source: via Rona on Pinterest

What We Saw While On Our Walk ~ September 2012

I invited my husband along on my morning walk. We decided to take a walk path. Here's just a few photos along the way!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Chronic Migraine Awareness Online Chat Tonight at 6pm CST

Tonight there will be a live online chat for Chronic Migraine Awareness with Karen Slater, Surviving Chronic Pain.

Source: via Dana on Pinterest

I actually suffered from horrible migraines for more than 12 years. Over that time I took Frova, Maxalt , muscle relaxers and pain medications.

Source: via Roma on Pinterest

My calendar has been marked! Hope to see you there.

5 Minutes for Mom Wordless Wednesday ~ September 5, 2012

While on my walk today I noticed these pretty purple bushes.

"If I Fail, I Try Again, Again and Again" Nick Vujicic

"If I fail, I try again,again,and again.. If you fail, are you going to try again? If you can't get miracle, become one". Nick Vujicic

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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Big Lots Shopping Trip ~ September 2012

On this Sunday's shopping trip to Big Lots I purchased Apple Jacks and Kix cereals for $2.00 each, the Life Classic Collection book for my husband's birthday for $8.00 and Select Harvest soups for $1.50 each.

Source: via Starr on Pinterest

Other item included cornbread mix, soap, large pumpkin orange candle, pens, seasonings and honey buns. My total came to $32.96 As always my budget is $50.

Making a Decision to Stop Working When Suffering from Chronic Pain

Last year, my former employer decided it was time to, in their words, reevaluate my work situation when my work performance began declining and their impatience for approved FMLA time off became an issue.
It had been 11 years of living with pain, depression and still working part time for 4 years and then full time for 3 years. I was exhausted, extremely anxious and suffering from numerous physical stress disorders. I was also taking several medications to keep working. But one morning I realize my body was screaming "Enough". It was time to stop working. Something my family and I knew would happen since my work related injury in 2003.
It can be a very difficult decision to make for individuals and families. Most of the time the financial loss can be devastating. We had experience of living frugal when my husband and I lost our jobs in 2009 so I quickly re-learned those skills.
It hasn't been easy. My husband wants a car or motorcycle for commuting to work. There are many times one doesn't purchase everything on the shopping list because you'll go over budget. But we have the necessities.

Source: via Irene on Pinterest

My attorney filed my disability claim this January. It's is now in reconsideration. Once it's denied the next phase is a hearing where I hope it's finally accepted. (the claim process can take 2-3 years)
I’m no longer exhausted all day from working a full time job, managing our home, family and pain. I've learned to "listen" to my body and take needed breaks and rest. When I had my 6 month dental cleaning it took 4 hours because my hygienist and doctor gave me breaks every 15-20 mins. I quit taking opioids after 11 years and pursue alternative pain management methods.
I haven't had a severe migraine in almost a year. My bald and thinning hair spots are filling in. And the stress rashes are finally disappearing. (knock on wood) I even think my TMJ is getting better!

Monday, September 03, 2012

Autumn Wreaths Ideas 2012

There are so many talented and creative people on Pinterest creating gorgeous wreaths. Here's some of my favorites.

Source: via Angela on Pinterest

Bishop T.D. Jakes Will Be Speaking at The Church of South Las Vegas, September 28, Friday

The Church at South Las Vegas is honored to have Bishop T.D. Jakes speak on Friday, September 28th, 2012 at 7pm for the kick off of Vision Weekend! Mark your calendars and get ready because this is going to be a historic night in the life of our church! He has this powerful voice that leaves me shaking. Bishop Jakes is truly one of the amazing speakers I've ever listened to. I'm praying this event will be streaming live for those of us that will not be able to attend in person!

Menu Plan Monday ~ September 3, 2012

I've paid bills so that means meals are very simple this week. Thanks to Organizing Junkie for hosting Menu Plan Mondays.
we love eating salads!
we eat potato salad as a main dish
our son made refrigerator pickles last week and they were delicious
and chicken soup

Source: via Denny on Pinterest

grilled cheese sandwiches and soup

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