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5 Minutes for Mom Pin It Friday~Scenes of Autumn

I truly love this time of year! Even in Las Vegas, the temps start dropping and we don't worry so much about bursting into flames. Thanks to 5 Minutes for Mom for hosting Pin it Fridays!

We don't get to experience the gorgeous fall foliage but thanks to these views I can actually feel the leaves crushing beneath my feet!
Source: via Rona on Pinterest Source: via Rona on Pinterest Source: via Rona on Pinterest Source: via Rona on Pinterest

Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life: Your Beauty Products

Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life Your Favorite Beauty Products! Source: Uploaded by user via Rona on Pinterest This was my makeup stash as of Feb 2012 I like to keep things simple when it comes to my makeup. Here's just a few of my favorite items! Source: via Rona on Pinterest 28 Neutral BH Cosmetics pallete Source: via Carson on Pinterest Queen Collection lip gloss ~ Source: via Cyrus on Pinterest Revlon Photo Finish Cappuccino Source: Uploaded by user via Jackie on Pinterest Noxzema Source: via Michelle on Pinterest Oxy daily cleansing pads Source: via Katlyn on Pinterest concealer kit~ I purchased mine for $3.50 on eBay

National Suicide Prevention: Follow-Up Calls Can Cuts Deaths in Half - ABC News

Source: via Carolina on Pinterest National Suicide Prevention: Follow-Up Calls Can Cuts Deaths in Half - ABC News  

I find it interesting that the Invisible Illness Awareness Conference is going on at the same time it's National Suicide Prevention Week.  Many people who suffer from chronic illnesses develop suffer from thoughts of suicide.  I know I did.  The important thing is that with open dialogue there comes real solutions.

Invisible Illness Awareness Conference: Thursday Schedule

If you're unable to listen to the seminars at the listed times they will be available on the website. Enjoy!

Sun Protection When Walking in Las Vegas Summer Heat

While I was on pain medications I could only be outside during the summer for 15-20 minutes at a time. All of my medications mentioned limiting sun exposure. If I didn't listen I would pay for it later with severe migraines, intense muscle spasms and additional pain. There were times I would pass out and have to be rushed to the hospital. Source: Uploaded by user via Rona on Pinterest Red Rock Canyon ~ Even though I've been off the pills, for a year, I've noticed, this summer, my body still doesn't like being in the very hot temps for very long. Matter of fact, I even suffered from my 1st sunburn, this summer, on my legs! Source: via Rona on Pinterest Las Vegas ~ So, I make sure to be well covered!

Martha Stewart Craft and Food Segments are on Hulu

Watching some of these brings back so many pleasant memories! Many years ago, when Martha Stewart had her first TV show it was without an audience. I really looked forward to watching them. It was my time to sit, relax and learn. Sometimes I would get ambitious and attempt the projects but many times I just enjoyed watching her explain step by step instructions. Enjoy! I know I will!

Wednesday's Invisible Illness Awareness Seminar Schedule

Please feel free to share with your friends and loved ones that suffer from an invisible illness.

Seminars will be archived, at the website, if you're unable to listen at the listed times!

5 Minutes for Mom ~ I Should Have Said You Have Mad Cow!

Look what we found at Big Lots! I wonder if they'll sell many of these?!

Sex and Chronic Pain ~ My Take on This Subject

Sex and Chronic Pain  
I've been attending the Invisible Illness Awareness Virtual Conference this week when it dawned on me.  "Why isn't anyone talking about sex and having an invisible illness"?! 

Is it because it's a sensitive topic?  Can't be because people aren't talking about it because over the years I've had women ask me, "Are you still intimate when you're in such terrible pain"? 
Let's face it...perhaps being intimate may be the last thing on your mind.  Or it could be that like me, you have physical limitations along with your pain that make certain positions intolerable.  Maybe the 2 of you still want to maintain the physical relationship and just don't really know where to go from there for help.

The first time I was asked the question I was a bit shocked.  Unlike my other girlfriends I refuse to discuss my husband and I's sex life over lunch.  I just didn't do it!  But the person who asked me was also suffer…

Las Vegas Flooding...Again.

My husband and I got back from our walk before the rains started.  Marcus actually got caught up in it while on his run. 

On Nellis and Charleston the flood channel began to back up!

10 Seconds, Get the Digits, Save the Suicide Hotline Number in Your Phone: National Suicide Prevention Awareness Week

Save the number may save a life.

National Suicide Prevention Week ~ Light a Candle In Remembrance

Please join people around the world in lighting a candle tonight at 8 p.m. (in your time zone) in memory of a loved one lost to suicide or in honor of a survivor left behind when their loved one took their own life. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline ~ 1-800-273-8255

Bishop TD Jakes' Daughter Announces The End of 4 Year Marriage

When I read the news that TD Jakes' daughter has announced that she is ending her 4-year marriage I actually got a little sad. And that's actually very silly because I know why. Her father is Bishop TD Jakes! She probably did have lots of emotional support from loved ones and the church. And let's not forget that huge, beautiful church wedding! Source: via Renee on Pinterest Let's face it, despite all of these positives it still didn't work. Marriage is ultimately about the relationship of the 2 people. And while we may never know all the reasons they broke up, we can pray that she and her husband will continue to do what's right for their children and families.

Invisible Illness: What to Say, What Not to Say and How to Help

I'm attending the Invisible Illness Awareness Virtual Conference this week.  After viewing this video I wanted to share it on my blog! 
Sherri and Wayne Connell, Invisible Disabilities Association (IDA), speak about what people can do to help and say to those with a hidden chronic illness.  I learned that we need to remember that we have no idea how severe their symptoms are so per-judging is definitely not a good idea.  ps even those of us with severe chronic pain do this!  Anyways, enough of that...enjoy the video and feel free to share with others.

Menu Plan Monday ~ September 10, 2012

Busy week begins with the Invisible Illness Virtual Conference on Monday, Sept 10 and wraps up on Friday, Sept 14. Remember 9/11, on Tuesday. Marcus and I have to drop by the college and see his counselor on Friday. My husband and I will do what we can towards his Spring tuition. I'm truly hoping he's going to get financial aid for Spring semester 2013. Thanks to Organizing Junkie for hosting Menu Plan Mondays! Source: via Rona on Pinterest I might serve this with quinoa Source: via Rona on Pinterest chicken stir fry Source: via Rona on Pinterest chili with brown rice Source: via Rona on Pinterest pasta with ham and green beans Source: via Rona on Pinterest meatball sandwiches Source: via Rona on Pinterest hearty chicken soup

It's National Suicide Awareness Week ~ Hurting Yourself Isn't the Answer

"When God forgave me, I figured I'd better do it too." – Johnny Cash Source: via Holly on Pinterest It's Suicide Prevention Week! No matter what problems you are struggling with, hurting yourself isn't the answer. Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) to talk to a counselor at a Lifeline crisis center near you.

The Church at South Las Vegas - Internet Campus

Source: via Inga-Mae on Pinterest Pastor Benny and Wendy Perez at The Church at South Las Vegas

The Church at South Las Vegas - Internet Campus

I wanted to let you know how important this online church service is to me.  I suffer from severe chronic nerve pain conditions so getting around isn't easy for me.  Because of this service I'm able to be part of this wonderful church.  The Church at South Las Vegas has truly a blessing to me.

Jumping Tandem Sundays ~ He Gave of Himself

For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, that ye through his poverty might be rich. 2 Corinthians 8:9 Source: via Vyrso on Pinterest Our pastor spoke about the meaning behind this verse, in Saturday's service. The sermon was an eye opener for me! The Heavenly Father didn't just give us something that He had; He gave of Himself! Thank you Jumping Tandem for hosting Sundays! May you have a blessed day!