Tuesday, January 08, 2013

I Received My French Press Coffee Pot Lesson Today!

I recently won and received a French Press Stainless Steel Coffee Pot, a lb of Stumptown Coffee Roasters ground coffee, 2 Ralph Lauren coffee mugs and a West Elm serving tray, from a Bailey's US Twitter party. While I was excited to win it I had no idea of how to make coffee in a French Press.

This morning, my darling husband, decided to show me how to use it! First I brewed a pot of water in our coffee maker.

Here's the following steps:

remove the lid/plunger assembly from coffee pot
Put a heaping spoonful of coffee into the pot
poured the hot water into the French Press
used a chopstick to stir the coffee.
replace the lid/plunger assembly back into the pot, wait 4 minutes for steeping
one hand on lid, other slowly pushing the plunger down
wait 30-60 seconds and pour your coffee!

The coffee taste smooth, not bitter and even smelled better! I'm now a big fan of the French Press Coffee Pot! Bye-bye coffee maker!

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