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Jack Abbott Isn't an Addict! He's a Chronic Pain Sufferer !

The storyline of Jack Abbott, of The Young and the Restless, being hooked on his pain medication has me gotten me very angry! The Facebook comments and tweets have me angry. Here was a chance, for the writers, to educate people about chronic pain and they blew it!

The character was shot and paralyzed. He went through rehab to learn how to walk again but also came to a realization he was still suffering from chronic pain.

Doctors advised him that he needed to have the bullet removed and he had the surgery. While in the hospital, the writers have the character with a full bottle of opioids, sitting in his hospital bed. He starts self medicating, runs out of them, buys them from a doctor, lies to his friends and family and begans spiraling out of control. The writers and viewers have penned him an addict.

Why aren't other chronic pain sufferers angry about this storyline? Don't they know that we are at war, fighting against PROP, DEA and states so that they can access to opioid prescriptions?

Here's an excerpt from the American Society of Anesthesiologists' article, in response to PROP in August 22, 2012. You can read the entire article, get a link to the PROP by clicking here.:

Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing (PROP), an organization dedicated to reducing morbidity and mortality due to opioids and promoting safe prescribing practices, recently submitted a petition to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requesting changes to opioid analgesic labels. Specifically, PROP requests that the FDA:

1. Strike the term “moderate” from the indication for non-cancer pain.
2. Add a maximum daily dose, equivalent to 100 milligrams of morphine for non-cancer pain.
3. Add a maximum duration of 90 days for continuous (daily) use for non-cancer pain.

Members of the Congressional Caucus on Prescription Drug Abuse wrote the FDA supporting PROP’s petition and requesting expedited review.


As a chronic pain sufferer I do believe that this is not the appropriate course of action towards the alarming amount of deaths and addictions to opioids. It's only with proper pain education, access to better care and research will answers be found.

And even though I no longer take pain medication since it didn't reduce my pain there are many that it does help!

In the meantime, we can not condone the media to show us in a poor light anymore!


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