Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Menu Plan Monday ~ January 15, 2013

As I continue to cut back on the red meat meals I've been getting complaints from the hubby and son. So I've requested a steak dinner, for my 51st birthday, later this month. It will be a wonderful treat for the whole family!

Another goal has been to include a meatless meal each week. Meatless meals ingredients cost less and more healthy. Are you including meatless meals in your menu plan?

Thanks to Organizing Junkie for hosting Menu Plan Monday! Join us for recipe ideas.
butter chicken, brown rice, green beans

Falafel Sandwiches

Pork Black Pepper Stir Fry, Brown Rice

turkey tacos, refried brown rice

veggie pizza


Diane Higdon said...

Have to say I might have to try those turkey taco's out. My husband had bypass surgery about 4 yrs ago, so we don't do much of the steak anymore :( Have learned to fix a lot of turkey a lot of ways. Thanks for the idea on the taco's. :)

Simone said...

Oh my goodness! The turkey tacos look delicious!

Chava said...

Looks great! I love meatless meals :D

BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

Simone and Chava,
Thanks for stopping by. I love reading your comments.

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