Friday, January 04, 2013

My Goodness Is It Cold Outside In Las Vegas!

snow in Las Vegas last year

While I'm thrilled to not be taking 5-6 showers due to the heat and my hot flashes it's also been a bit rough being a chronic pain sufferer in the cold! It's like the cold works it's self into my bones. I've been dealing with more muscle tightness and pain during the day. Brr!

Temps have been running in the low 40's-high 30's during daytime. And when the winds kick up it can drop into the low 30's or worst!

On the good side, when I get hit with a hot flash I just need to either walk out onto the patio or sit next to an open window! Relief!

I think when it's all said and done this has to be the second coldest winter we've experienced living here!

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