Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Too Cold to Walk Outside? Take a Walk with Denise & Friends

Yes, it does get so cold and breezy, in Las Vegas, that I don't want to take my daily walk outside!

And since I really enjoy taking a daily walk I started searching for a beginner walk exercise, on YouTube. Don't you just love YouTube?!

Source: youtube.com via Rona on Pinterest

I've been doing this 15 min walk routine for over a week now. With some changes to some of the arm work, so I didn't aggravate my myofascial pain syndrome, I'm definitely getting the aerobic benefits! Aha! I love the release of endorphins!

I really like Denise Austin. Especially, "You're burning butter"! I always chuckle when she says that!

Remember! Exercise is great for chronic pain, menopause and depression. But always check with your doctor before starting a workout routine.

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