Sunday, February 03, 2013

Let. It. Go Melissa Taylor, Online Bible Study~ Week 1

While reading Let. It. Go., Chapter 1, I chuckled and squirm in my seat! Prior to my chronic illness become worst I totally identified with being extremely controlling. It was my way of letting everyone know that I was a great mom and wife.

But because of my severe chronic pain getting worst I’ve had to let things go. My husband and son tell me that I’m more relaxed and easy to live with. And I'm actually feeling better.

I’m looking forward to continuing to read the book. I know there are still areas in my life that I need to release from grip.

If you would like to join the Online Bible Study stop by Melissa Taylor to sign up!

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Kim Fernando said...

Wow, I'm so glad to have learned about this book from you!! When I was very sick, God took me through the long, hard (for me) process of letting go. It took me years. He's been so good to me and has brought me to better health, and I've found that the result is I'm living by my own strength more. The very thing I said I wouldn't do! I am so much healthier than before, but I still struggle with periods of illness because my immune system is still recovering from years of abuse. I don't like when I get sick again, but those moments humble me and remind me I'm literally not strong enough to be in control. I totally need Him.

And I totally need to read this book!! Just repinned that great picture, too!

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