Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sharing Some of My Day With the Hubby: Winco and a View of Las Vegas

Charles and I decided to take our first trip, on Friday, to our local WinCo, grocery store. I had mentioned to him that I had read many positive blog posts about the store. And once WinCo opened 2 stores in the Las Vegas Valley area he wanted to check it out! My hubby also had a doctor's appointment so we rented a truck, grabbed some coffee to go and headed out to run errands and do some shopping!

We love the quality of the produce, as well as some great bargains.

At our location we found more produce and vegetable variety at Winco than at Walmart.

We also headed to Summerlin, a master planned community of Las Vegas, for my husband's doctor's appointment. While waiting, I decided to take these photos so you can see how beautiful the view was.

Here's another nice view of Las Vegas Valley!

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Grandma Becky said...

I've always liked Winco over Walmart for their produce. We have a Winco warehouse close to us but the closest store is almost 1/2 hour away. I've been to them a few times and enjoy my visit and get lots of stuff. Thanks for sharing your day.

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