Thursday, March 07, 2013

Follow Up On Managing Medical Debt: Ask for Samples

Yesterday, I posted a link to a HuffPostLive segment, Managing Your Medical Debt. Many of us that suffer from chronic illness have to deal with the stress of seeking treatments and mounting health expenses. But there are saving tips that might help chip away at your medical bills.

One suggestion that has worked for me is asking for samples when given a prescription. Sometimes doctors, nurses and Physician Assistants will offer but if they don't, Ask. I had one doctor give me a year's supply of migraine medication! That was a huge savings!

Don't forget when trying a new medication,you may have severe side effects, resulting in another prescription being written! Example: my husband went through 3 scripts till he found the right one. $75 later!

Here's my goodie bag from my dermatologist today! samples and a coupon

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