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Six Random Facts About Me!

Kelly's Korner blogged about 9 Random Facts yesterday. Today, I thought I would give you 6 Random Facts about me!

1. I was baptized in Mission Bay, San Diego, in 2007! It was a great day!

2. I still have a bit of my Southern Maine accent after all these years! Please don't ask me to say 'article' or 'car'

3. I actually love to clean. I find it relaxing.

4. I used to sell auto insurance at Geico but I was horrible at it. For some reason, I was able to keep my job for 4 years!

5. When I was in my late 20's I had a breast reduction. Size DD to a C. Health insurance picked up most of the expense because it was a medical necessity.

6. I've known my husband for half of my life! Wow!


Grandma Becky said…
thanks for sharing things about you. For me, I don't like to clean but do it anyway. Spent 2 years in England where I was stationed with the US Air Force and met my husband there. No, he's not British. I met Kevin Duckworth, former Portland Trail Blazers player.He came in hardware store where I worked and I got his autograph. Sadly he died a few weeks later at a camp where he was coaching basketball for boys. My favorite flower is tulips. Glad I live close to a tulip field in the spring! Have a great day, my friend.
Justin Knight said…
Fun post! I especially like #3! Any time you need to relax you are MORE than welcome to come clean at our house! I'm you're newest follower!
Justin Knight
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