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"The Problem With Young Women Today Is They Don't Cook"!

Okay, now that I have your attention with the title, let me give you some background to why I'm writing this post. While I was enjoying my bus ride home yesterday a man boarded the bus with an Outback Steakhouse bag of food! Yummy! Once he sat down, he was asked, by a fellow passenger, "What's for dinner"? He mentioned the contents and than followed up with, "You know what's wrong with young women today"? "They don't cook"!

That was the beginning of an all-male heated conversation of the lack of culinary skills amongst women, who's responsible for teaching them and the high cost of eating take out 7 days a week. I decided to not partake but just to listen and learn!

One man mentioned that he spends around $300 a week for take out. Another said that he would cook meals but he's too tired when he gets home from working 2 jobs. Than they started talking about their mother's cooking! The common consensuses was that women just don't cook anymore!

When I got to my stop, started my walk home I thought about what I had heard. As parents, do we have a responsibility to teach our daughters and sons how to prepare meals? Yes, I'm including our sons because despite what the men said I do believe that part of raising our sons should include household management skills.

My husband and I thought it was important that Marcus learn independent living skills. So we explained to him how to shop, prep and cook meals as he grew up. He even took cooking lessons that were offered through his home school group, as well as taking a class at a cooking school. He's now known for his amazing pot roast and horseradish sauce!

In my case, I still remember, in 9th grade Home Economics, making scrambled eggs for a cooking final and getting an "A"! Years later, I picked up some shopping and cooking tips while working in a family style restaurant. I started to collect cookbooks, watched cooking programs on PBS and asked home cooks for help.

When I got married I was so busy with working full time, taking care of the house and Marcus and didn't feel cooking a meal was that important. One day my husband came home, threw his coat on the couch and said, "When my dad came home my mom had a home cooked meal on the table"! Wow! I felt like I got hit with cold water on my face! And when I shared this news with a friend she informed me that I should cook for my husband. (no support there) So I rolled up my sleeves and started cooking on the weekends.

And guess what?! I discovered that I really enjoyed cooking for my family! And these days of wanting to eat more healthy and save money I make most of our meals from scratch. When my husband shares that fact with his co-workers they bombard him with questions and admiration. And I feel good that he appreciates that I do!


Nicole said…
I agree with you! In fact, I think there are lots of things that aren't being done the way they were in the "good ol' days", and as a society we are suffering for it! Preparing meals for my family is one of my favorite things to do. I want my boys to know how to cook (and put a dish in the dishwasher), but i definitely want my daughters to know how to cook a meal for their man and enjoy doing it.
Maggie said…
I enjoy cooking most of the time, but I do feel let down sometimes because I leave Friday dinners up to my husband since he typically work 1/2 a day on Friday. I have worked on teaching my sons to cook. My 13 Yo enjoys it, but the 17 YO is not much of a planner. He will cook Ramen Noodles or hot dogs.

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