Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Using Zote Soap to Wash Laundry!

the bar that I bought last year!

I started using Zote soap, as a stain remover, after reading about it's cleaning powers in an eHow article last year.

I immediately purchased a bar, at Big Lots. When I got home I tried it on my husband's dirty work shirts. It did a wonderful job at removing grease stains and ring-around-the collar!

Source: viaLaura on Pinterest

So when Marcus informed me that we had run out of laundry detergent I decided I wouldn't have him buy a bottle of detergent. Instead I put the Zote bar to work! With the washer machine filling up with water, I added less a few tablespoons of grated Zote to the wash. Added some Borax, clothes and began the cycle.

Source: viaDamyon on Pinterest

The clothes not only are clean, we're saving money!

I'm definitely sold on using Zote for cleaning our laundry!

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