Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Is It Time to Stop Using the Title 'Stay-At-Home-Mom'?

While watching this HuffPostLive segment yesterday all I could think of is, "When did this become an issue"?! By the way, please let me know if you agree it's time for the title to change! I would love to read your comments.

According to the panel, women and men, who are staying home, raising children, are offended by being called "Stay At Home Mom or Dad"! They are requesting that the title be changed!

Lisa Belkin, HuffPost Senior Columnist for Life, Work, and Family, states that the term is demeaning to women and men because it gives the appearance that they aren't doing anything of value. She goes even further and states that the term, Stay-At-Home Mom has been the root to the Mommy Wars! What?! Ms. Belkin is even challenging us to come up with a more appropriate title. You can read her article here!

While I stopped working in December 2010, I no longer have any kids so when asked, "What do you do"? I respond with "I'm a housewife"! And I love being a housewife.

Okay ladies and dads! I'm asking the question, "Should we drop the term, "Stay At Home Mom"?

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