Friday, April 05, 2013

It's Time for the Ultimate Blog Party 2013

Welcome to BerryMorins Bits & Tips for the Ultimate Blog Party 2013! I hope you're having fun checking out all of the UBP bloggers!

I've been participating in the Ultimate Blog Party since 2007. There are many bloggers that I continue to follow that I was first introduced through UBP 2007! So I make a point to participate every year!

I've been blogging since 2005, it started as a way to sharing some of my daily interests and life after suffering from a work accident. The topics have changed over the years, (ex: grown up, moved, changed jobs) but my love for God has stayed strong!

Charles, my husband

Marcus, our son

I'm a chronic pain and Major Depression Order sufferer, wig wearing, peri-menopausal, mom to a 21 year old son, married for 17 years, in love with my hubby for 25 years, 51 year old gal!

You can also find me on:
Twitter , Facebook , HuffPostLive ,

Please let me know you stopped by leaving a comment. I'll do the same for you! Enjoy the party!


Kemi Quinn said...

Hi! Dropping by from UBP 2013. (also sometimes from Monday Menu Plan). Nice to see old friends at the party :)

Angela Woodson said...

Hi there. Stopping in through the UBP13. Nothing like meeting new friends. Gonna follow you now and come back and check in later. Look forward to getting to know you. You can find me at

Stacie Sayz So said...

We have a lot in common sis. Glad to meet you during UBP13!

Kerry H said...

Nice meeting you. I am visiting from the UBP and Thanks for visiting my blog!

Colette S said...

It is nice to meet you.
My husband's name is also Charles.

Thanks for introducing yourself and your family.

I find it is true that life changes and our relationship with God remains strong or grow stronger.

Enjoy the party!

Nicky Hudelson said...

Visiting from the UBP to link up and say HI! Hope you have a great day!

Alisha Jaybird said...

HI!!!! I'm here from the UBP!!! Thank you for coming by my place!!! You have a a lovely family. :) I hope you're having a great blog party!

Carol said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Don't you love how you chronicle your own changes and personal growth through your blog? It's amazing to see what changes and what stays the same. So great meeting you!

Dana Howze said...

Great to meet you! Here's to being blessed. Thanks for visiting the Lair

Caren Fern said...

Just saying hi, be blessed :)

Shana said...

Waiving hi from my first UBP.

anewlis said...

Pleased to meet you! Great introduction! Beautiful family!

Maria said...

Hey there! I am saying hello from the UBP13! Nice to "meet" you!

Syrone said...

I'm just passing through from the UBP13. I can truly relate to what you're going through. I look forward to following you. If you're in my neck of the woods you can follow me at I'll catch up with you soon!

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