Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wall Street Journal Article: Blog Conferences Appeal to Women With a Guilt-Free, Child-Free Reason to Leave Home

I watched the HuffPostLive segment, read Katherine Stone's Apology blog post and the Wall Street Journal piece. All said and done, what I came away with is that Katie Rosman, WSJ, wanted to show the increase in the relationship of brands and mom bloggers through blog conferences.

In her article, she focus on BlogHer and Yoga Journal conferences. Of course it didn't help things when Elana Maggal, Yoga Journal's conference director is quoted saying, "It's a fun and educational thing to do for people who are married with children and need a legitimate reason to leave home," For some reason they decided to put a spin on it by commenting and depicting on how women are cutting loose, being released from their child care duties and hitting the mini bar!

So I guess we can see why many mom and dad bloggers aren't happy with the Wall Street Journal right now! Even Katherine Stone, who is quoted in the article, posted an apology to mom and dad bloggers!

Now, in defense of Katie, there are many commenters who found no fault with her article.

FLGirlinCA: I'm a working mom (of two small children under the age of 5) who works out of a home office. I found nothing about this article to be chauvinistic. In fact, I was shaking my head in agreement as I read the article.

As for me, I think it was smart of WSJ. They'll eventually get lots of buzz and traffic from the article!

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